vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Be a comic

Hi Designers of the future.

I made this design for DBH. (vote here)

It is an one-color design. Overall print
and in comic style. (fight scene)

So I started off with finding some good comic-scenes on the internet. That's handy because this was going to be my first comic-scene. Also they can be a good reference to see how other people fill up blank spots in the designs. I'm not copy-ing if that's what you think. You got to give it your twist as much as possible and use it only as inspiration.

Anyway I started off with a pencil drawing. Here I did already some inking.

After some more inking…

I made a picture and tried it out how it could stand on a tee.
And I came with 3 options

1 bottom. (not good at all)

2 triangle (it has something)

3 all over (was the original idea)

After that I tried out the bottom-one just for fun. Because I didn't felt like drawing some more. And I came up with a wrap around, wich is pretty good. click to expand the view to see back and side ;) (in the mean time I cut the drawing in pieces so I could scan them, and pasted them back together in photoshop.)


But I felt an overall just would be better. ... So I went on.

After some pasting erasing and so forth, I came up with this all-over print.

click to see bigger

I like B&W designs alot but for a tee I would rather wear a more softer color balance.

So I tried different colors, here you see them all.

I couldn't decide between olive, cool bleu, taupe and light yellow.

so I asked the boys at design by humans what they liked most.


And the olive one was most the favourite one together with the B&W-version. So I submitted it (the reason why I didn't used a second color is because the comic style would dissapear.)

Here's my submission-pic. please vote and comment here if you like it


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