dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Full Moon Rockers!!!

Full Moon Rockers - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

please give it 5$ and a comment

donderdag 16 juli 2009

Win Free T-shirts

8 shirts of your choice from threadless will be given away when my submission get's printed @ threadless
that's about 160$ of prizes!!!


1 and 2. Place a comment and vote on the submission (for a chance)
Guess the inpirationsource for the placement-picture (Me in a suit) (for a second chance)
(The first person who gives the right answer wins). Given Answers don't count if you haven't commented on the submission.

3. Copy and retweet the following message:
.... RT @BreakInTro // See here how to win a free t-shirt http://bit.ly/4h5Wwd retweet! .....
(the more you retweet the more chances you get . Max 1 RT per hour!! (min 50 followers) )
Follow me http://twitter.com/BreakInTro so I can pm you when you've won.
+++++3 SHIRTS+++++

4. Martiandrivein was the first person to make me a flashfile for the submission. So he is sure to win a t-shirt of his choice, when threadless prints my submission.
+++++1 SHIRT+++++


Why I Left Childhood aka Revenge of the toys - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

zaterdag 11 juli 2009

UP FOR VOTING. Why I left my childhood

See here to see how you can win free t-shirts.

PLEASE VOTE Why I Left Childhood aka Revenge of the toys - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I finaly finished the two other remaining parts.
So here You can see all six of them.

part 6/6

part 5/6

part 4/6

part 3/6

part 2/6

part 1/6

All together they wil form a design I made for subbing on threadless.
As said the global piece is named "Why I left my Childhood" (aka the revenge of toys)

Why I left childhood. Takes a twist on how children treat there toys (badly).
After a while the toys want revenge.
So to escape that I had to left childhood.
And In my design you should see the reasons why.

please leave a comment here or @ threadless

vrijdag 3 juli 2009



My goal was to illustrate a fantasy(figure) wich became real and earthly by putting it in an technical language.
So fantasy becomes reality.
if it's positive or negative is up to your opinion.

A second goal was to make a design that illustrated in an unusual way how to put a god or mythical figure together by mixing human parts with animal parts. (Wich has been done in alot of religions)

Hope You like it

teecolor: navy (bleuprint)
colors: 1 color white
placement: 1 chestprint, or a allover print

Blueprinted  - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

dinsdag 30 juni 2009

Pandora's box

My newest sub is up for voting @ chimpogo

For me Pandora's box released irregularities rather than diseases and such.
In my opinion those irregularities made it possible to get those diseases etc..

So All the perspective I used is misleading and irreal (it's fun to find every perspective fault on your tee wwhen you're bored)Also When printing I would add a little distress to it, because it fits in the theme.


vrijdag 26 juni 2009


The hunter always leaves marks behind on his or her victim.
A bullethole or the pattern of leopard, there are so many different hunters with different marks.

love at emptees?

Any idea where I should submit this?
Also some distress on the actual tee would add to it. Agree?
let me know your thoughts.

For people who might interested in buying (with modifications or not) contact me on break-intro@hotmail.com

made with ps and illu.

woensdag 27 mei 2009

dinsdag 26 mei 2009

vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Be a comic

Hi Designers of the future.

I made this design for DBH. (vote here)

It is an one-color design. Overall print
and in comic style. (fight scene)

So I started off with finding some good comic-scenes on the internet. That's handy because this was going to be my first comic-scene. Also they can be a good reference to see how other people fill up blank spots in the designs. I'm not copy-ing if that's what you think. You got to give it your twist as much as possible and use it only as inspiration.

Anyway I started off with a pencil drawing. Here I did already some inking.

After some more inking…

I made a picture and tried it out how it could stand on a tee.
And I came with 3 options

1 bottom. (not good at all)

2 triangle (it has something)

3 all over (was the original idea)

After that I tried out the bottom-one just for fun. Because I didn't felt like drawing some more. And I came up with a wrap around, wich is pretty good. click to expand the view to see back and side ;) (in the mean time I cut the drawing in pieces so I could scan them, and pasted them back together in photoshop.)


But I felt an overall just would be better. ... So I went on.

After some pasting erasing and so forth, I came up with this all-over print.

click to see bigger

I like B&W designs alot but for a tee I would rather wear a more softer color balance.

So I tried different colors, here you see them all.

I couldn't decide between olive, cool bleu, taupe and light yellow.

so I asked the boys at design by humans what they liked most.


And the olive one was most the favourite one together with the B&W-version. So I submitted it (the reason why I didn't used a second color is because the comic style would dissapear.)

Here's my submission-pic. please vote and comment here if you like it